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Speech production and perception, modeling.



Silver medal of the French Acoustical Society (1990),

Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America « for contributions to the acoustic theory of phonological systems » (1999)


Special assignments:

1961-1981 Creation of a speech group and from 1981 to 1986 Director of the Speech Communication Institute, Grenoble;

1982-1987 Vice President (for research) of the National Polytechnic Institute, Grenoble (INPG);


1971-1973 First President of the Speech Communication Group (French Acoustical Society);

1988         President of the Steering Committee for the creation of the European Speech Communication Association (ESCA), now ISCA;


1983-1987 Member of the National Committee (CNRS) for "Computer science, Automatics and Signal processing";

1991-1995 Member of the National Committee (CNRS) for "Language, Communication and Representations";

1991-1995 Member of the Scientific Council for Engineering Sciences (CNRS);

1992-1996 Adviser of the Director of the SPI Department (Sciences pour l'Ingénieur - CNRS) for setting up cooperative research with the SHS Department (Sciences Humaines et Sociales - CNRS);

1996-2001 Member of the Ethic Commitee (CNRS);


2003-2007 Member of the Ethic Commitee (CNRS);


2005-2013 Directeur de recherche émérite au CNRS au laboratoire DDL (Dynamique du Langage), -- Unité Associée au CNRS -- UMR 5596, 14 Avenue Marcelin Berthelot, 69363  Lyon 07.